The Foundation

The Christine M. Loeber (CML) Foundation was formed in 2018 to continue Christine's legacy of helping others, with a focus on veterans’ services, education and wellness. In her 48 years with us, Christine brightened the world through her kindness, empathy and positivity, leaving a lasting impression on many institutions and countless individuals.

The CML Foundation aims to honor her life by advancing the causes important to Christine: a scholarship for a graduate of Oliver Ames High School; Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program; and our veterans reintegrating into civilian life.

Christine’s impact, both personal and professional, was far-reaching, and the Foundation aims to keep her spirit alive via multiple avenues on both coasts. The Foundation holds fundraising events and accepts donations throughout the year. We hope you'll join us – as an attendee, a donor, a sponsor or a cheerleader – to help us celebrate Christine's life and carry on her legacy.

The Christine M. Loeber Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization and is based out of Boston, Massachusetts.


The Starfish Story


In Christine’s office at The Pathway Home was a framed copy of one of her favorite stories, a parable about a boy and a starfish. It tells of an older man walking on a beach littered with starfish that have washed ashore with the tide. He watches skeptically as a young boy tosses the starfish one by one back into the ocean. The man questions whether the boy thinks he alone can really make a difference to the thousands of starfish. The boy responds by smiling, gently throwing another starfish into the water, and saying, “I made a difference to that one!”

With all the difficulties our veterans face and all the challenges of her work, Christine could easily have become as overwhelmed as the man in the story. But instead, she showed the optimism and dedication of the little boy, working tirelessly to help each veteran individually. With her special blend of compassion, wisdom and authenticity, she was perfectly suited to work with this often neglected and misunderstood population. She listened, she calmed them, she validated their fears, she fought for them.

The stories of lives Christine touched and brightened are numerous. It’s impossible to measure the impact she had, but it seems safe to say that she spread more kindness in her 48 years than many people do in twice that time. Her ability to truly connect with individuals was a gift. At work and outside, who knows how many spirits she lifted each day with her radiant smile alone?