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Our Mission:

Keep her bright light shining.

A foundation dedicated to continuing Christine’s legacy by supporting the causes close to her heart.


Our Mission

In the days and weeks after Christine’s death, people from all corners of her life referred to her as “a bright light,” a description that seems fitting for someone with such a radiant smile. And so this memorial foundation makes it its mission to keep her causes alive and her bright light shining for years to come.


Her Causes Are Our Causes

Those who knew Christine knew that her heart was as big as her smile. She spread joy wherever she went with her optimism, good cheer and kindness to family, friends, coworkers and strangers alike. She was so generous and caring that it was difficult to select causes for this foundation to support. We have selected a few causes from different phases of her life that we feel she would be most passionate about and that would make her smile that beautiful smile and say, “This is great!”


Oliver Ames High School

Christine was known for her friendliness throughout her high school years – with her soccer and basketball teammates, her teachers, siblings of friends and random kids in the hallways. Then, and throughout her life, she had the ability to make everyone she interacted with feel special. This scholarship, given to a graduate of her alma mater in Easton, MA, will be awarded to someone who spread kindness and cheer at O.A. and shares Christine’s generosity of spirit and passion for humanitarian causes.


Mind-Body Wellness for Veterans

Christine’s passion for yoga and mind-body health began in Boston while she was working with female veterans suffering from PTSD and substance abuse at the Brockton VA. She earned her yoga teaching certification at Kripalu and integrated yoga into her practice, later bringing that passion to her work with veterans on the West Coast. Through yoga she taught veterans mindfulness, self-control and stress relief to help them improve their overall well-being. To reflect Christine’s dedication to veterans on both coasts, we have selected two initial programs to support through the foundation:

Smith Farm in Easton’s Borderland State Park and Martinez Post-Deployment Assessment Treatment Program


Boston Health Care for Homeless

In 2002, Christine took on a role with the Development and Research departments at BHCHP. Working with an incredible team, she soon immersed herself in this organization dedicated to serving Boston’s most vulnerable patients. While there, she worked tirelessly to update and publish a manual of communicable diseases and common problems for homeless people, which is still used today at similar centers nationwide.


On Veterans Day 2018, the day before Christine’s 49th birthday, the Foundation held its kickoff event at Towneship in Easton. This sold-out event was a wonderful celebration of Christine’s life and drew more than 160 family members, friends and co-workers. The evening offered a chance for her loved ones to be together, share stories and focus on the important legacy of a beautiful person.

For the Christine M. Loeber Foundation, it was an auspicious beginning, with over $30,000 raised for her memorial scholarship and other causes. If you would still like to contribute, please visit the Donate page of this site.